Wednesday, 9 January 2013

top five: books to reread in 2013

Idea shamelessly stolen from Chloe @ YA Booklover Blog.

Some books only sink in on the second time around. Some books are the perfect kind of pick-me-up for any time. And some books are so good you just have to read them again. So here are my top five books to reread in 2013!

5. Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt

This book is heartwrenching. There are so many truths in the story but also so much emotion that can only be truly understood and parsed through on multiple read-throughs; it's like you empathize so much more what Doug goes through once you see his actions through a different filter. Also, I want to see if I cry this time around.

4. Third Transmission by Jack Heath

The first time I read this, the ending stopped my heart. It blanked out all other impressions I formed, and so I definitely need to reread and appreciate all the action and secret plans. And this time round, I'll be prepped for the twist ending. And maybe I won't toss the book on the floor in despair. Maybe. Probably.

3. Five Flavors of Dumb by Anthony John

My favourite contemp of all time. :) I'm excited to reread and watch Piper's relationships form with the band and Ed and also read all of the scenes involving Finn, who's basically the best fictional younger brother ever. This book talks about girl power and parents and sacrifices, and it does it all supremely.

2. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

I read this in 2012, and oh. my. lord. Mind-blowing. And so, so, so sad. Rereading this one is going to be an odyssey of a journey; all the themes and questions I talked about in my discussion post for Ender's Game are going to crop up again and there won't be any new answers and this will wring my heart out of my chest. I know.

1. The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson

This book comes out in March 2013, and I'm definitely going to need to reread it before writing a review. It's colossal. Not in terms of page count, but it's so ambitious in worldbuilding and themes, and it SUCCEEDS, guys, it succeeds. The execution is so wondrous that the world feels real; the characters are so multi-faceted, in fact that I'm a little bit scared of them. I kind of want the whole world to read this book.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any rereads in mind for 2013?