review policy

June 1 2014: Currently NOT accepting books for review.
  1. Only middle-grade and young adult novels are reviewed, and picture books on a very selective basis. This means no early readers (ages 6 to 9), adult fiction or non-fiction of any kind, along with short story and poetry collections, self-published and e-books.
  2. Reviews comprise of:
    • an original summary paragraph, written by myself;
    • thoughts on the cover; 
    • the review of the novel;
    • an ethnic balance rating out of 5;
    • an overall rating out of 5. An average rating is 3 out of 5. Books rated 4.5 or more are books I would want to reread.
    All reviews of books sent by the publisher will have a note underneath the bibliographic information stating something akin to "received from publisher" for full disclosure under the FTC blogger guidelines.
  3. Review copies (ARCs) from authors, agents and publishers must fall within the above-mentioned categories; please use the contact page and send an email first to gauge my interest.
  4. If a book or ARC is sent from an author or publisher and is subsequently reviewed, I will send the review's link to the author or publisher, whom therefore may quote any part of the review. Please link back to Pass the Chiclets ( if done so.
  5. All reviews are cross-posted to Goodreads. Reviews will also be cross-posted to on request.
  6. I have the right to not review an ARC or book sent to me.
  7. Every review is comprised of my opinion and my opinion only.
  8. Reactions of this kind will not be tolerated.
Thanks, regards, etc.,