Sunday, 27 October 2013

*tiptoes in*

Gosh, I have been away for so long and I am so sorry. The fact is that I'm looking at a probable hiatus for Pass the Chiclets in a few weeks; my responsibilties are building up and I hate feeling guilty for leaving PtC in a dusty rut, even though—and because—I love this wee blog so much.

Before that, though, I've still got a few things planned: two or three last book reviews of ARCs to get in for those long-suffering publicists I still haven't gotten back too, and one very exciting (to me, at least!) week-long project involving covers of all types with the lovely ladies over at The Sirenic Codex. If I'm going to be out (for a while), why not go out with a bang?

In the meantime, wrap up for the impending winter (or chill out for the impending summer, if you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere) and thanks for reading. <3