Thursday, 2 June 2011

when you don't feel like reviewing,

read a good book.

It seems so paradoxical, doesn't it?: If you read another book, you're adding another title to your TBReviewed pile.

But a good novel reminds you why you're reviewing in the first place. A good novel inspires you to share the gorgeousness that is 60,000 words warpped around pages, burned into pulp. And a good novel offers that opportunity to gush, to praise, to write a positive review -- that privilege so judiciously awarded in today's jaded business.

And we all know it's so much more enjoyable to point out the excellent aspects of a book than to explain the bad sides to a book.

Example: recently I've received a lot of books for review from small presses. For various reasons, these novels aren't up to par with the quality produced from the Big 6, and it was getting me a little down in the dumps to be reading less well-crafted fiction.

Then an envelope of ARCs arrived from Penguin.

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I love you and your oversized bubble-wrap envelopes, Penguin! ♥

The pure excellence radiating from these books, even from one that I didn't like (Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma, which probably won't receive a review on PtC), is truly inspirational.

Just a little reminder of why we book blog.