Tuesday, 31 May 2011

interview: Linna from 21 Pages

Make some noise for the lovely Linna, book blogger extraordinaire at 21 Pages!

Describe yourself in a rhyming haiku (5-7-5 syllables).
Pffft haikus are childsplay. Wait, you want this thing to rhyme?!?

Prone to rambling in
Parenthetical asides
(It's a bad habit.)

...I spent a while trying to make that rhyme but I couldn't do it. Also I'm assuming that rambling has two syllables... damn you, japanese poetry!!

You've got over 1200 followers, regular commenters and a massive review archive. How do you feel about how far you've come?
Yknow, I feel kind of funny about it. I started this blog in January of 2010, posted two reviews, than promptly abandoned it for a couple of months. I can't even remember what brought me back, but I'd never even really read a book blog before launching myself headfirst into the sphere. So I'm almost baffled at how much I've gained because of it. The awesome people I've met, the books I've discovered... becoming utterly addicted to twitter, sentence fragments. It's almost hard to imagine what it was like before I randomly decided to start reviewing books. :)

You usually post very regularly. How do you balance life with the blog? With networking online?
I get the urge to blog in waves, and I'm prone to going on sudden hiatuses for months at a time-- so the minute life starts piling on the work and I lose the inspiration to write, my posts start to dwindle. So I'm really not that great with balancing my blogging/school work! It helps that I think networking is fun (although sometimes trying to keep up with posts is not). Although by networking I hope you mean mindless chatter on twitter? That's professional networking, right? Right???

But I think you'd be surprised at how lazy I can be. I've made wasting time on the internet an art form.

Blogging obviously requires a major investment of time. How important is 21 Pages to you?
The best thing about having your own blog is that you can take a break when you need to, and, much to the joy of my procrastinating soul, no one is going to come crashing through the window telling me that I'm not getting my work done (not that that happens in real life)(often). You can't get an F on a badly written review, although the fact that everything I write is right there for the entire world to see is enough encouragement to do my best. 21 Pages comes after the physics test I have tomorrow, but it would probably beat the english essay due in three days. It's all relative to the scale of procrastination priorities I've devised since I started high school.

No one will love every book they review. Do you balance positive reviews with negative reviews?
Lol, definitely. Thing is, I probably wouldn't be so critical all the time if I didn't always choose which books I read, although sometimes I can write a much more in-depth, thoughtful, review if there are things I'm critical about. (Filled with lovely run-on sentences like that one just now.) Because when I love a book, I get incoherent, and that = crazy raving posts of praise praise praise.

Would you rather go ice-fishing (cod, trout and great white sharks) or deep-sea-fishing (catfish, anglers and marlins)?
I would probably fail at both. I've watched Deadliest Catch before, and I'd be one of those weaker crew mates that get swept off deck first. When it's only drizzling a little. So I guess I'd go with ice-fishing; cod and trout don't sound too ba-- GREAT WHITE SHARKS?! Sign me up.

Well. Isn't she a brave one?

Linna, thank you!

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