Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer Series #5: Bidisha @ Here Lies NeverRoad

[What is the Summer Series? Read them all from the start.]

Bidisha is an aspiring author and a passionate advocator of words, and she's probably also totally regretting having let me write this cheesy intro for her. So check out her blog for yourself, and read on to learn why she's recommending Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler for you this summer.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler
Little, Brown BFYR, June 1 2009
young adult contemporary
"Twenty Boy Summer is a heartcrushingly beautiful book. It’s about secrets, death and grief. It’s also about love and learning to live in the midst of irreparable loss. Anna’s best friend Frankie, decides that a holiday in Zanzibar Bay will be the perfect time and place for Anna to get herself a summer fling. Twenty days, twenty boys. Well, at least that’s the plan. What Frankie doesn’t know is that Anna is grieving the death of Matt, Frankie’s brother and Anna’s secret romance. Ockler’s debut is gorgeously written. It’s one of those books with the quiet moments, occasional introspection and a skillful distribution of subtle motifs. Perfectly pace-y with a well-sketched out cast of characters, this is an ideal summer read."

Personally I haven't read this book yet, but Bidisha's blurb makes me want to pick it up ("quiet moments" and "skillful distribution of subtle motifs"? AWESOME). Have you read Twenty Boy Summer yet? Let us know if you have or if you'll be picking it up this summer! :)