Friday, 25 January 2013

PSA: apologies for the blog absence! + ruminations

I've been absent, and I'm so sorry. Book blogging is a responsibility, and priorities sometimes get shifted. But that's life.

I've been thinking about this book blogging gig we're doing. The responsibilities it comes with, and the evolution of how we run this business. Because it does seem like a business: in return for consistent and punctual blogging, we get free books, sometimes even ahead of time. After a while, though, these things become dependant on one another. People get into book blogging only for the free early books. Or only the bloggers who run a lot of giveaways (and ergo have a lot of followers) get specific titles.

And you try not to be bitter, because half of what goes on, you can't control.

But I can control the other half. I can focus on bringing back the love into book blogging, rather than outputting reviews just for books. I try to remember that thrill I get from pushing my opinion onto a space that's all my own. I try to not compare myself. I'll worry less about comments and page views and followers and numbers.

And to help with that, I want to alleviate the pressure I put on myself. I don't want to be constantly thinking about which ARCs to read next and when a review must be out. I have to be a little smarter. I need a little more balance. I think I'll strive for that. (Wish me luck? *hugs*)

Anyway, this was a really navel-gazing post. Thanks for sticking around, if you're reading this. (Because you blog because you hope someone will read it, right?)