Thursday, 21 June 2012

let's catch up.

It's summer. No school, lots of sunscreen and time time time to read books, write and go to the library! (...And other bodily functions too, I suppose, such as sleeping and eating and, you know, breathing.) So here's a catch-up post. More for my purposes than yours, but whatevs. Friends like to keep up with friends, right?
  1. The few ARCs and books for review I have left include Girl Out Loud and Devine Intervention from Scholastic (sorry I haven't gotten around to them yet, Catherine! *grovels*), plus some titles from Hachette and S&S. The latter titles reviewed will be pick-and-choose.
  2. Lately all I've been doing on this little blog of mine here are reviews and In My Mailboxes, which sets up a kind of monotony, I think. So maybe more posts related to books in general are on their way?  Potentially? At the very least, I'll be doing a post on why we should judge books on their cover... or at least, we should judge the book's publisher on the cover.
  3. I'm going to blog more consistently. This'll involve planning and pre-scheduling blog posts/reviews, which on the outside to you, my lovely reader, will just look like more posts in a less haphazard manner. But I do believe blogging consistently is part of the key to actually enjoying blogging.
  4. Can you believe Google Chrome doesn't have the words "blog" and "blogging" in its automatic dictionary? *shakes head*
  5. And there may be a few design changes around PtC!
So here's to the best of things we make of summer. :)