Tuesday, 3 April 2012

cover comparison: foreign editions.

Foreign edition covers have the potential to be -- and usually are -- extremely gorgeous. Sometimes more so when compared to the US and Canadian versions. So let's take a look!

(I realize I haven't posted in over a week. *hangs head in shame*)

On the left is the USAeain version; the right is the Australian. And I don't know about you, but for some reason that right cover absolutely screams "foreign cover" to me. I think it's just a sense that no Big 6 publisher would create that kind of cover; the title font, the busy foreground... but then again, the US version is pubbed by Kensington Teen. (That publishing house mystifies me as to where it lands on the publisher size scale.)

And its cover... I don't know if either guys or gals would pick it up. I'm curious as to which gender they actually designed it in mind for. I mean, four young men on a cover? What does that imply to you?

The first is the American one; the latter two are either Mexican or South American, or a mix of the two. (Sorry I can't tell you anything more specific. :P) So how lovely are these? TOTALLY lovely. For my comments on the first, just glance back at my review.

As for the second, I love the incorporation of so many things in the tree, and the fact that it's hand-drawn, but I would've preferred more of a background rather than a solid colour. And for the third, I adore the background but man, are those feet boring. So basically, mash the best aspects of the second and third cover together and you're good! :D

And finally, two covers which I have no clue what happened to:

When I got this book from the library, it had the first cover. Which took me offguard, because for the longest time, as this book built up buzz around the 'sphere, it was the second that garnered praise for the uniqueness.

So... what happened in the end? When I look on Goodreads, only the first one is featured. (And my thoughts on the covers: both are okay. Like the colour schemes, but I thought the bridge in the first one was, like, imprints of her arms left behind. o_0)