Tuesday, 20 March 2012

sooooo... guess who's one year old today?

Can you believe how old Pass the Chiclets has gotten? We're ONE whole year old. Since I consider two years in the blogosphere ancient... well, suffice to say that I'm well on my way to wrinkles.

But it's a source of pride, too. I've got almost seventy reviews in the archive, and I can see how my reviewing style has evolved over the months. (Whether it's for the better or for the worse... I'm not going to judge that myself, haha.) I've figured out what Goodreads is for (NOT author/blogger bashing) and what good Twitter is (random hi-speed chats on books and boys and booze).

Most of all, this small book blog of mine has provided an outlet for my love of the most wondrous things in the world: books.

(Although shoes rank pretty close behind, too.)

And I guess I'll wrap this up by expressing my appreciation of the entire book blogosphere. Seriously, the amount of book love in people is so, so lovely. And while the blogosphere might have claws sometimes, that's what friends are for: to help you through the tumbly times. (They're also for embarrassing. :D)

Thank you, all, for bringing me nice publicists, smart friends and good books.