Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday's Finest

a meme hosted by Justine @ A Bookful of Thoughts

Today's quote comes from Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John; I love this book so much that everything in it is quotable to me. Fingers crossed you agree. ;)
I didn't get out of suspension until 2:23. The principal wanted to read us the riot act one last time, and slowed down when he noticed how agitated I was. In an attempt to ram his point home with the utmost force, he even started lecturing directly to my hair [it's dyed pink]. I let it go on for almost a minute, then began running my hands through my hair seductively, like an actress in a shampoo commercial. Almost immediately he turned bright red, and seconds later we'd been excused.
(p. 262)
It's that seductively that makes me laugh every time... oh how I adore this book. <3 I'm thinking I'll have to do an entire series of Fridays' Finest on Five Flavors of Dumb just to be able to communicate its awesomeness in quotes.