Saturday, 23 July 2011

e-books are everywhere! (or at least they think they are.)

Did y'all catch the "ebook edition also available" line on the cover? Some publishers are going the extra mile to state this specifically on the hard copies of their books. 

Now, if you ask me, most book-buying civilians who aren't book bloggers, writers or somehow hooked into the publishing industry won't look at the dust jacket's back flap unless they're looking for the author. And even then, they won't bother to squint at the puny text near the bottom. 

So in my opinion, publishers need to show consumers that ebook editions are available much more prominently -- say, on the jacket's front flap, where they might see it in a bookstore and decide to purchase it online. I'm all in favour of brick-and-mortar bookstores staying alive, but right now it just seems these publishers aren't trying to advertise the fact that they have ebooks with those above lines.

What do you think about the "ebook edition also available" line?