Saturday, 14 May 2011

review: The Cat's Pajamas

by Wallace Edwards
Kids Can Press, 2010
anthromorphism picture book


Never understood what "getting your feet wet" meant? Or to "blow your own horn"? Twenty-six idioms are presented in a sentence along with an illustration showing the literal meaning of the sentence with the idiom. As an extra challenge, a cat is hidden in each illsutration, turning this book into a gleeful mash of play-on-words and I Spy.
The cover:

It matches the title (and the idiom) perfectly, but the details are a bit sensory-overload-ish. The whole picture's lighting seems a bit dim. The lush expansive feel is a good representative of Wallace Edwards's style.

The book:

The animals portrayed illustrate each idiom with wit and humour, and every situation is represented imaginatively. Plot-wise, there's nothing to speak of, but the illustrations provide endless entertainment in locating and examining all the details: among the raindrops of one painting, little blue fish fall; a cow's black and white splotches stretch into the shape of a cat. These amusing quirks bring to life the scene.

A collection of framed paintings in a book form, the gorgeous illustrations paired with the witty text make for a delightful picture book from a talented illustrator.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5