Friday, 6 May 2011

dear all followers

The majority of you said yes, you would follow PtC on Twitter. So PtC is on Twitter!
Yeah, you want to win that ARC of The Girl in the Steel Corset. So you follow with Google Friend Connect.

I'm honest -- here's a list of reasions why I made following PtC mandatory:
  1. It's nice to feel popular, prestigious and well-read.
  2. I want my reviews to mean something.
  3. More followers = more-willing publishers.
  4. More followers = more comments. (?)
That question mark is there beside the last point because it's been debated whether the followers you gain through contests actually read your blog. But that's the whole point of making following mandatory: to have more people who will read your blog, at least once in a while.

I don't expect every single follower to comment on every single review. I just want at least one person to comment on each review, you know?

So let me tell you now: if you, a follower, aren't ever going to click on a Pass the Chiclets review when it comes up in your blogroll -- don't follow PtC at all.

And I treasure all you remaining followers so. much. more.

PS: Am I scared my honesty's going to lose me dozens of followers? You bet.
PPS: Do I really value you that much? You BET.