Thursday, 31 March 2011

interview: Audrey from holes In My brain

Put your hands together for the alluring Audrey, book blogger over at holes In My brain (delightfully capitalized).

Describe yourself in a rhyming couplet written in pentameter (ten syllables).
NO FAIR. Lemme think about this *comes back in 30 minutes*
If only I paid attention in class,
Then I could kick this pentameter's a**.
It's terrible, I know. Aw sorry. I can't rhyme to save my life. Or think of couplets. Or write poetry.  Or sing. Or dance. Or.... ohkay, let's get away from this train of thought, eh?

holes In My brain has been around for nearly two years now -- how do you feel about how far you've gotten?
I'm happy, definitely! The first year was weird, I took a 4-or-so month break after a crazy summer of reading. Then after a heart-to-heart with my polar bear, I decided I should get back in the game.... so I did. The blogging world has definitely changed, but all in all, I really happy about what my blog has become and the awesome (like so awesome) bloggers I've gotten to talk to (like you!). 

You say in other interviews that it took you almost four months to gain your first follower. What do you think started the influx of readers?
A lot of commenting on other blogs! I was pretty much going-it blind at the beginning, so over the summer I was just in my own little bubble.  When I finally branched out and started reading other blogs and leaving comments, I began to get a few visitors here and there. I still remember my first commenter + follower was Alyssa from Teens Read and Write! Oh, then I had a contest. Hey, not gonna lie, it helps ;)

How do you manage to balance book blogging with life?
I don't! My priorities are skewed, despite what I may claim xD I spend wayy too much time online and blogging/reading as opposed to schoolwork... now that could have worked for me all through grade 11, but in grade 12, it's like a reality check as I need to step away from the computer and focus on homework a lot of the time.  It makes me sad because I'm addicted to the internet :p But anyways, I usually end up back online... and I fall behind in school.  Followed by some internal self-pity and external ranting, I will then buckle down and work a for a bit.

What's the best part of book blogging, in your opinion?
The books =)  I'm a reader and booklover at heart, so I gotta say getting all these YA recommendations (then falling in LOVE with the books) makes me happy (and eternally thankful).  I would have never discovered Melina Marchetta, John Green, or Sarah Dessen (my author love-triangle) without the blogosphere.
And.. can't forget the bloggers!! They're all so amazing and it's been so much fun talking to them, whether it's about books, Snooki, or prom dresses!! It's hard to believe the blogosphere can fit so much awesome.

Do you think you could beat me in a polar bear race, even if I gave you a headstart? (Be honest... you know I'm the faster one, what with me being younger and more spry and limber and all those youthful adjectives!)
Hehehe, I WOULD DEFINITELY WIN. Because my polar bear, named "DFTBA", is a grizzled vet.  He's been around the curb too many times, he's experienced and smart and cunning.. no way he will lose.  You may be younger, but I've got years of experience! Iiiiii am the champioooooon =D

We will see about that...
Audrey, thank you!

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